RT: ‘Patenting trends in Small Cell technology’ James Seymour, Partner at today's host venue @EIP kicks-off the #CWSmallCell discussions

RT: We will be discussing patent trends in small cell technology at the CW Wireless event at EIP later today.@cambwireless #CWSmallCell

RT: EIP's Sharon Daboul comments for CNBC on #Iceland vs Iceland, #trademark proceedings filed by Icelandic government https://t.co/DCgexidicq

RT: #Iceland face #trademark #infringement lawsuit over name as government of Iceland launches legal battle… https://t.co/Ne7lxcHefU

In particular patent litigation in the UK - they have failed to list @EIP despite very significant cases.… https://t.co/Gr4d0Bco0S

Congratulations @EIP_Legal associate Myra Sae-Heng, who has been admitted to the roll of solicitors! https://t.co/E656I42PEP @EIP_Careers

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"IP Mistakes to Avoid – No.3 – Thinking you’re covered because you’ve got the company name registered" https://t.co/vAdDBFaHji @LeedsBizWeek

IP Mistakes to Avoid – No.3 – Thinking you’re free to use your company name https://t.co/X5lPpzdKqm See our talk at @LeedsBizWeek for more.

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EIP are at @VentureCymru today. Visit us at stand 49 to enter our IP Ale competition #venturefestwales https://t.co/FYh8ylsLz3

McWin for #McDonald’s over MacCoffee | Sharon Daboul of @EIP_Brands reports in @WTRmagazine WTR Daily https://t.co/gYaT6KvASV

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RT: Comments from @EIP_Legal's Rob Lundie Smith in @WorldIPReview on the #EU's new proposed #copyright #laws https://t.co/8zThah3o5y #takedown

RT: EIP's Sharon Daboul considers whether @McDonalds is now able to prevent others from using "Mc" or "Mac" https://t.co/VQR5Q4uCrV @EU_IPO

Our #Bath office donned stripey socks for World Sepsis Day #SockItToSepsis | @BathChron https://t.co/rE4UdiQifh @stopsepsisnow

RT: Today = World Sepsis Day #WSD16 EIP Cardiff are sepsis aware! https://t.co/NCBQwTWqSC target="_blank">https://t.co/NCBQwTWqSC @stopsepsisnow #sockittosepsis https://t.co/NCBQwTWqSC target="_blank">https://t.co/NCBQwTWqSC

EIP provide IP advice to Venturefest Wales visitors | @VentureCymru https://t.co/dsSmyktG2Q

IP Infringement: A question of fees | By Rob Lundie Smith @EIP_Legal https://t.co/gaIFBUm5EZ

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