Has #BrewDog bitten the hand that feeds? [Analysis by Sharon Daboul @EIP_Brands] https://t.co/30cVeyf2kV via @MorningAd

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BBC News - IBM gives out-of-office #patent to public https://t.co/vHPq4WlHd0 [with comment from EIP's Chris Price]

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Laura Foster @EIP_Brands in @WTRmagazine WTR Daily: Hyphen succeeds in circling appeal | https://t.co/rgix9YhlBh

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In particular patent litigation in the UK - they have failed to list @EIP despite very significant cases.… https://t.co/Gr4d0Bco0S

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Great to see our client discussing @clearpopconvert earache treatment on KTVU’s Mornings at 2 show: https://t.co/7sYlfpPRCU

IP Mistakes to Avoid - No. 4 - DIY https://t.co/5czvreXJK8 See our talk at @LeedsBizWeek for more. #LeedsBizWeek @MafiaYorkshire @EIP_Brands

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Legal opinion now available on the UK’s continuing participation in the #UPC post #Brexit | @eip https://t.co/ck1uTn5r3x

Nick Transier of @EIP_Post receives Super Lawyers 2017 recognition | https://t.co/iXjdzcEsxb

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