EIP turns 21!


Tomorrow our Bath Office will be raising money for @BR_Foundation with an 8-hour static bike relay! Thank you… https://t.co/qYjDEade1n

Want to know how to obtain a UK #patent? Then check out this checklist written by David Hole for @smallbusinessuk!… https://t.co/t4XC58NXMB

RT: Great to join @EIP for its 21st bash! A genuinely lovely client and it’s fantastic to celebrate together. https://t.co/EqKtWqf2uU

It’s #BlackHistoryMonth! In support of the #ProudToBe theme, we will be sharing articles from EIPers celebrating wh… https://t.co/jmbXHu6clX

Today, Gareth Probert will be attending the 2021 @medtechonline Innovation Expo. If you would like to catch up with… https://t.co/OpSREA4zt6

Last week, the English Court of Appeal rejected Stephen Thaler’s request to list his AI machine as an invention. Re… https://t.co/8lxrjH0oSM

Over the next two days we will be exhibiting at @lcv_event. We are looking forward to welcoming delegates to our st… https://t.co/5xB8bqNMXc

We had a great time last night hosting @OneNucleus’ Networking Mixer in our London Office! We are looking forward t… https://t.co/O6tnJSWDNy

RT: Time for medtech to wrap its head around 5G licensing https://t.co/fbNwIgGblq target="_blank">https://t.co/fbNwIgGblq @EIP #medtech #5G #patentshttps://t.co/fbNwIgGblq target="_blank">https://t.co/fbNwIgGblq

Singer/songwriter Kelly-Marie Smith brought a copyright action against nine defendants including members of the ban… https://t.co/lMD9fTyLir

Congratulations to Heather McCann and Florian Schmidt-Bogatzky for being recognised by @IAM_Alerts for leading the… https://t.co/IBprpm8UIf

Congratulations to Paula Flutter, Gary Moss, @EIP_Elements and Jerome Spaargaren for being recommended in Who’s Who… https://t.co/QmQXmJwNIr

We welcome Joel Todd to EIP! Joel joins EIP as a Patent Scientist with a background in Physics. He gained a First C… https://t.co/VdvODkT3ZC

Interested in finding out more about the process of filing for a #patent? Part 3 of our ‘Ask the Experts’ series is… https://t.co/fd71GQJOEr

This Thursday Laurence Brown will be joining @SPIEtweets’ online event panel to discuss emerging trends in IP aroun… https://t.co/bBYG92JAPU

RT: It’s rare to see a case on cross-undertaking in damages, and this includes groundless threats as well. The prelimin… https://t.co/81eUFGsGDk

We have signed @IPInclusive’s Senior Leaders Pledge! View our pledge here: https://t.co/vMLzlxZHKD target="_blank">https://t.co/vMLzlxZHKD https://t.co/vMLzlxZHKD target="_blank">https://t.co/vMLzlxZHKD