EIP supports innovation and entrepreneurship in schools


EIP today announces its support for an initiative which encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among students in Tanzania.

The initiative is led by Bright Green Enterprise, a UK-based education organisation working to improve youth livelihoods in the UK and Tanzania.

In April more than 2,000 primary and secondary school students in the Arusha region of north-east Tanzania will take part in an annual Science and Innovation Fair. Students from across the region will participate in workshops that prepare them with the skills to tackle challenges such as climate change and sustainable development, competing for prizes in categories including science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education, innovation, sustainability and the arts.

Richard Gordon-Brown, partner at EIP’s office in Bath, said: “EIP is pleased to be able to support the excellent work of Bright Green Enterprise in inspiring innovation and creativity among students through this exciting event.”

Lucy Devall, founding director of Bright Green Enterprise, said: “Bright Green Enterprise is delighted to partner with EIP at this important crossroads in the field of international development. EIP shares our commitment and passion for furthering innovation and youth initiatives here in the UK as well as in Tanzania. We look forward to developing the educational relationship between these two countries.”