Adding value

Our strategists have many years of experience working in-house for large corporations managing international IP portfolios, which they use to develop processes and procedures to guarantee best practice IP governance.

Significant value can be added to businesses by strategic management of IP. We create value from clients’ IP through optimising it for defence, exploitation and commercial potential.

The Patent Box —


Patentise is a proprietary service from EIP. It is designed to assist companies in maximising the value of the UK Patent Box.

Patentise provides a complete audit of a company’s patent portfolio and optimises it for the Patent Box. For companies without patents, we provide guidance and set in place a patenting strategy.

Our Patentise team works with clients or alongside their advisors to ensure patent strategies are fully aligned with this new tax relief.


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IP Audits Plus Scheme

Designed by the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), the IP Audits Plus Scheme gives high-growth SMEs the opportunity to understand and assess their IP further. The scheme supports SME growth by offering financial support towards an IP audit.

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