RT: @EIP are looking for a High-Tech Engineering Specialist to join their team as a trainee #patent attorney to join th… https://t.co/rx40wSBLT2

Coverage of our High Court victory for Conversant in SEP trial against Huawei and ZTE in Juve Patent: https://t.co/YOF3d3e9Ly @EIP_Legal

Conversant v Huawei and ZTE. Robert Lundie Smith @EIP_Legal, lead partner in the case: “We are delighted to have be… https://t.co/s14moXOcEu

Conversant v Huawei and ZTE: court determined that two Conversant patents were valid and essential to LTE standard.… https://t.co/0PXogOCZHY

EIP secured a significant victory for its client Conversant in its longstanding mobile telecommunications Standard… https://t.co/Zz8YppNFqR

It’s only two weeks until our IP Out event “David Stone in Conversation with Stuart Baran” and registration is stil… https://t.co/Mozkt4qt4L

Congratulations to Patent Attorneys Carl Bryers, Natalie Falls and Robert Barker who have been promoted to Senior A… https://t.co/lJkeI92z5K

Seven months since the new EU #copyright directive came into force, Jack Dickerson @EIP_Legal examines the two Arti… https://t.co/ZmESjY0qbR

Congratulations to Patent Attorneys Sunny Bansal and Tim Belcher on their promotions to Managing Associate. https://t.co/xOFaxGDYct

Fantastic news for four of our associates, Tim Belcher, Gemma Wooden, Felix Hall and Catherine Howell @EIP_Legal, n… https://t.co/9h0t0UIuzl

Looking forward to hosting our first IP Out event on 23 January with @IPInclusive, David Stone @AllenOvery and Stua… https://t.co/NxkrHJ6PCV

Following the UKIPO’s initial refusal of a #trademark application for “Queers & Co”, Nora Fowler looks at the diff… https://t.co/7nDTCaM35N

Great to see the strength in depth of our team recognised by @ManagingIP and @IP_STARS in the 2019 list of “Rising… https://t.co/klehqy03Ey

In an article in @JIPLP, Gemma Wooden, Matthew Blaseby and Derk Visser explore updates to the European Patent Offic… https://t.co/Z4t32LkkvA

Delighted to be described as “a role model for how to develop a mixed patent practice” in the first ranking of lea… https://t.co/nfY8bo75ms

EIP is proud to host its first IP Out event for @IPInclusive on 23 January 2020. Register here for “David Stone in… https://t.co/SH92GtrcKc

And so are we! See you there. https://t.co/8DMQ9grce1

As EU member states grapple with the implementation of the new EU #copyright directive, solicitor Jack Dickerson… https://t.co/wNlrSL7nYZ

Associate Rosie McDowell shares her thoughts on gene patent reform and the potential impact it might have across th… https://t.co/UqzXOyGnn1

RT: Do sign up to this before Christmas, even though it is not until January. And a reminder, all are welcome - the ev… https://t.co/hdAXMqkRGv

Carissa Kendall-Windless @EIP_Legal will give a presentation to an audience of academics and students at Liverpool… https://t.co/mQZkJibcRd

Liam Rhodes joins our @EIP_Legal team having completed his LPC. https://t.co/usqRimgQOL target="_blank">https://t.co/usqRimgQOL @EIP_Careers https://t.co/usqRimgQOL target="_blank">https://t.co/usqRimgQOL

Christmas market season is upon us and here’s some of our Düsseldorf team out enjoying the festivities! @EIP_Legal https://t.co/H0WYWRIAp4

Trainee Ashik Gandhi is the newest addition to our patent team in London. https://t.co/EwaVTeXo0A target="_blank">https://t.co/EwaVTeXo0A @EIP_Careers https://t.co/EwaVTeXo0A target="_blank">https://t.co/EwaVTeXo0A

Senior associate Jonathan Garner joins EIP having spent 13 years working in-house at Canon Europe.… https://t.co/JoKi1Xux3o

Decision by UKIPO to award Apple “off-scale” costs after prolific trademark filer Michael Gleissner’s application f… https://t.co/IkXw5KrMwS

RT: Teleste claims second victory in patent dispute with Technetix https://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB target="_blank">https://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB #Patent #Infringementhttps://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB target="_blank">https://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB

RT: English High Court hands win to Teleste in patent dispute. The court determined that #Technetix’s #patent was inva… https://t.co/vTSrWAr4b5

In an article for @WTRmagazine Claire Lehr @EIP_Brands reports on a decision of the General Court which confirms th… https://t.co/x5Xnkx7SlC

Further success for @EIP_Legal and client Teleste in patent infringement action against Technetix BV. Judge rules t… https://t.co/SaITTZLzqT

Senior associate Tim Belcher will be attending the Life Sciences Patent Network Europe 2019 event at the Bloomsbury… https://t.co/FBbsinTINN

EIP secures double win for cable tv equipment manufacturer Teleste in patent action against Technetix. https://t.co/vvLjbhzWrC @EIP_Legal

RT: @EIP_Elements another brilliant presentation by Darren! #apaa2019 designs committee meeting https://t.co/pWl1OJ09Fw

Gary Moss @EIP_Legal will be a keynote speaker at this year’s MaCCI Law and Economics Conference on 14-15 November.… https://t.co/kvUAlqFbCH

Panellists at the UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law (IBIL) conference in Tokyo discussing "The Internet of… https://t.co/3ahvEgxeib

Partner Andrew Sharples, head of @EIP_Life, and senior associate Tim Belcher will be attending @TheCIPA Life Scienc… https://t.co/IVzj8fDTPI

Darren Smyth @EIP_Elements is attending the 70th Council Meeting of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) i… https://t.co/w6ZCjLGXve

RT: On my way to the airport to go to Taipei for #APAA2019 (or is it #APAA19?) Looking forward to catching up with atto… https://t.co/FeIkV1jcvj

RT: The next IP Out event is on 23 January 2020 and features David Stone (head of IP at @AllenOvery) in conversation wi… https://t.co/b8TtyhQuYN

In an article for @WTRmagazine Claire Lehr @EIP_Brands reports on a decision of the General Court which confirms th… https://t.co/Zsdry1WMLn