World IP Day 2022: Youth & IP – Introducing EIP’s Schools Initiative

The theme this year for World Intellectual Property Day is “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future”. It calls for a celebration of youth-led innovation and creativity.

The WIPO website states: “World Intellectual Property Day 2022 is an opportunity for young people to find out how IP rights can support their goals, help transform their ideas into reality, generate income, create jobs and make a positive impact on the world around them. With IP rights, young people have access to some of the key tools they need to advance their ambitions.”

At EIP, we believe it is important to educate all generations about IP and careers in IP. Last year, we launched our Everything Is Possible schools initiative which raises awareness of IP and careers within IP, focusing on school and college students. The Everything Is Possible initiative consists of tailored presentations from staff at EIP and interactive workshops with practical challenges, quizzes and opportunities for students to get involved with patents.

We are currently running this initiative with Newham Sixth Form College and St Saviour's and St Olave's Church of England School. In addition to raising awareness with students we are also offering students the opportunity to get involved in our big debate competition with the winners being offered the possibility of an internship at EIP.