Unified Patent Court

It’s been a long time coming but it looks as if the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and Unitary Patents (UP) will soon come into effect. Get up to speed with everything you need to know to be prepared for UPC and UP.



The Unified Patent Court (UPC) – Keeping it Simple and Practical

We all know that the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is big news in the patent world. Beyond the legal updates, businesses need to know how the UPC affects them practically. How can the UPC add value, and how to manage the risks? The UPC will need a collaborative approach between litigators and prosecutors. Listen to Matthew Blaseby, European/UK patent prosecutor, and Christof Höhne, German patent litigator, work through a simple, fictional, scenario to demonstrate some of the practical considerations for the UPC.



Member States participating in UPC

Member States of the EU that have already ratified the UPC Agreement (or in the case of Germany has indicated it will do so) and so will take part in the UPC as soon as it commences are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, G...

What is the Unitary Patent, and how do I get one?

The Unitary Patent will be a single patent right, obtained via the European Patent Office, covering all EU Member States which have ratified the agreement at the patent grant date. (As of June 2022, the participating countries are Belgium, Bulgaria, De...

What is the Unified Patent Court?

The Unified Patent Court (“UPC”) is a new pan-European court expected to open for business some time after October 2022. It will adjudicate disputes relating to the new Unitary Patents and also to existing and future European patents (unless they have ...

What are the options if you want to avoid the UPC?

During the transitional period, it is possible to opt classical (i.e. non-unitary) European patents and applications out of the competence of the UPC (provided that no action has commenced at the UPC in respect of that patent). The opt-out lasts for th...

What languages does the UPC use?

Central Division Proceedings at the central division will be in the language in which the patent was granted. Local/Regional Divisions Proceedings at the local/regional divisions will be in either: An official language of the Member State in which th...

The Unitary Patent System is on the way

We reported last year that the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) were progressing. The main hurdle left to clear was sufficient countries ratifying the Protocol on the Provisional Application of the UPC Agreement to allow the provisional ap...

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