With many of us now #homeworking, senior associate Matt Maitland offers some advice on how to get the best from it: https://t.co/KfHluUN1aj

Recently admitted to the Düsseldorf Bar, Schi-Hwa Chae @EIP_Legal has joined our Düsseldorf office as an associate.… https://t.co/sItLnTPvTH

RT: IPM’s Making waves recognises IP professionals who are, in some way, shape or form, making waves in their respectiv… https://t.co/j2O9DiXXbt

EIP launches initiative with @WorkingChance - a charity supporting women with criminal convictions into employment: https://t.co/Z6KHdshzzg

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for two Managing IP Awards – one for EIP and one for partner Gary Moss… https://t.co/nFx0VkqCX0

Congratulations to Paula Flutter for being recognised by the 2020 WTR 1000 guide to leading #trademark professional… https://t.co/awmjyIBWqu

Partner Heather McCann will be a guest speaker at the London @NatWestBusiness Entrepreneur Accelerator Hub today ta… https://t.co/QgnOClyWyD

Latest edition of #WTR1000 lists EIP’s Claire Lehr and Paula Flutter as top #trademark practitioners in global list… https://t.co/awaTlgoSP1

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Brexit and IP: Business as usual during the transition period | https://t.co/tVlFPUktrs #BrexitDay

@IPInclusive No problem, happy to! Let us or @EIP_Elements know if you're looking for a host again in future.

We’re underway with tonight’s @ip_out event - David Stone in Conversation with Stuart Baran. Great to see a packed… https://t.co/0ODJH0EP8l

As EU member states grapple with the implementation of the new EU #copyright directive, solicitor Jack Dickerson… https://t.co/F6jBrJQsEn

Conversant v Huawei and ZTE. Robert Lundie Smith @EIP_Legal, lead partner in the case: “We are delighted to have be… https://t.co/s14moXOcEu

Fantastic news for four of our associates, Tim Belcher, Gemma Wooden, Felix Hall and Catherine Howell @EIP_Legal, n… https://t.co/9h0t0UIuzl

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