EIP offers free IP advice clinics during Leeds Business Week 2016


EIP will be offering free IP advice clinics during Leeds Business Week 2016 and presenting the "Top 20 IP Mistakes to Avoid".

Leeds Business Week runs from 17-21 October and is a programme of more than 100 events aimed at the business community in Leeds and the surrounding area.

On Wednesday 19 October, patent and trademark specialists from EIP’s Leeds office will reveal the top 20 common mistakes businesses make with their intellectual property. Their talk, “Top 20 IP Mistakes to Avoid”, takes place at The Leeds Club at 11am.

The following day, attorneys will be available at the EIP offices in Leeds for a free 30-minute IP Advice Clinic to advise businesses on the most suitable protection for their IP and the benefits this can provide.

Registration Information:

For the“Top 20 IP Mistakes to Avoid” presentation, sign up on the Leeds Business Week website to register for the event.

To book an IP Clinic appointment, please email events@eip.com to arrange a suitable time.