RT: @EIP are looking for a High-Tech Engineering Specialist to join their team as a trainee #patent attorney to join th… https://t.co/rx40wSBLT2

EIP secured a significant victory for its client Conversant in its longstanding mobile telecommunications Standard… https://t.co/Zz8YppNFqR

Congratulations to Patent Attorneys Carl Bryers, Natalie Falls and Robert Barker who have been promoted to Senior A… https://t.co/lJkeI92z5K

EIP is proud to host its first IP Out event for @IPInclusive on 23 January 2020. Register here for “David Stone in… https://t.co/SH92GtrcKc

And so are we! See you there. https://t.co/8DMQ9grce1

Associate Rosie McDowell shares her thoughts on gene patent reform and the potential impact it might have across th… https://t.co/UqzXOyGnn1

Liam Rhodes joins our @EIP_Legal team having completed his LPC. https://t.co/usqRimgQOL target="_blank">https://t.co/usqRimgQOL @EIP_Careers https://t.co/usqRimgQOL target="_blank">https://t.co/usqRimgQOL

Christmas market season is upon us and here’s some of our Düsseldorf team out enjoying the festivities! @EIP_Legal https://t.co/H0WYWRIAp4

RT: Teleste claims second victory in patent dispute with Technetix https://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB target="_blank">https://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB #Patent #Infringementhttps://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB target="_blank">https://t.co/G2ClaN1BqB

Further success for @EIP_Legal and client Teleste in patent infringement action against Technetix BV. Judge rules t… https://t.co/SaITTZLzqT

Gary Moss @EIP_Legal will be a keynote speaker at this year’s MaCCI Law and Economics Conference on 14-15 November.… https://t.co/kvUAlqFbCH

Panellists at the UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law (IBIL) conference in Tokyo discussing "The Internet of… https://t.co/3ahvEgxeib

RT: On my way to the airport to go to Taipei for #APAA2019 (or is it #APAA19?) Looking forward to catching up with atto… https://t.co/FeIkV1jcvj

Photos from the @ManagingIP European Patent Forum in Munich, chaired by Matt Jones @EIP_Legal with Kathleen Fox-Mur… https://t.co/is5aHnj4ui

Photos from the @ManagingIP European Patent Forum in Paris, chaired by Gary Moss @EIP_Legal with Christof Hohne and… https://t.co/iZ09lY5jbR

Head of @EIP_Legal, Gary Moss, will moderate a panel at the UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law (IBIL) confer… https://t.co/Qi2hwftR2o

Key thoughts from the participants in the Brands and IP Roundtable hosted in our Bath office last week with… https://t.co/SxbS6qk598

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Some epic bakes and EIP-themed biscuits at the London office #Macmillancoffeemorning https://t.co/f2oDVsjMfb