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EIP and @IgnitionLaw host joint event for @LDNTechWeek 2017. More info and to register: https://t.co/bk7kNP4yin #LTW

Matt Jones of @EIP_Legal in @Real_Business discussing use of #Shoreditch street art in #britishairways ad https://t.co/D53petNhaN #copyright

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RT: #FRAND judgment has been handed down in #UnwiredPlanet vs #Huawei https://t.co/A4TXxqoi2W potential for #injunction in the #UK

EIP secures significant decision for client as High Court threatens to injunct #Huawei | https://t.co/gVEzIBiKlD @EIP_Legal

Sportswear chain wins Bentleys fight https://t.co/OIeaSjTY6g [with quote from Sharon Daboul @EIP_Brands]

RT: Our Rob Lundie Smith comments today in @ManagingIP on #IP impact of #GreatRepealBill https://t.co/DvOmp60Dvo #Brexit #Article50 #UPC

More from Sharon Daboul @EIP_Brands on #BrewDog defending its stance on #Punk #trademark https://t.co/FMHyFnJepb

RT: Matthew Jones of @EIP_Legal quoted on #ECJ tackling thorny issue of #luxury goods sales via #Online marketplaces https://t.co/kNxH3PbHwY

BBC News - Court to rule on online luxury resellers [with comment from Matt Jones @EIP_Legal] https://t.co/hhxtMtQCkq

Has #BrewDog bitten the hand that feeds? [Analysis by Sharon Daboul @EIP_Brands] https://t.co/30cVeyf2kV via @MorningAd

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Pleased to be hosting a #WomenInIP event for @IPInclusive at our office in Bath next week. Sign up here: https://t.co/OzsuIEVkD8

For advice about protecting your brands, speak to Sharon Daboul @EIP_Brands at the EIP stand at @bathexpo today. #BathExpo

@picadordesign You should visit the EIP stand at @bathexpo as Sharon Daboul of @EIP_Brands is keen to meet creative agencies today.

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Don’t forget we are exhibiting at the @bathexpo today. Come by our stand and be in with a chance of winning a case of IP ale! #BathExpo

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Sharon Daboul, from our @EIP_Brands team, will be on the EIP stand at the @bathexpo tomorrow. Visit us for #trademark advice. #BathExpo

Only two more days to go until the @bathexpo. Feel free to drop by our stand and say hello! #BathExpo

We will be exhibiting at the @bathexpo on Thursday – drop by our stand to be in with a chance of winning a case of… https://t.co/XSM5mgfdri

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Pleased we were able to contribute. #CWWomen https://t.co/Jbeia7owzh

Events like #CWWomen! Mentoring by senior women and women’s network events. Also school visits / partnerships to en… https://t.co/gzfOCixU2A

@vickysleight @cambwireless Do you think it will be possible to maintain control at that point? #CWWomen

@thisNatasha @vickysleight @cambwireless Agreed, although sensitivity of the data is also important to keep in mind #CWWomen

Q3. A calculation of risk should be made and the number of human casualties should be minimized. #CWWomen @cambwireless

Q1. Completely agree. Need to improve the pipeline of women through education into workplace. #CWWomen https://t.co/SMWgSln8ax

RT: Welcome all to the #BeBoldForChange #CWWomen @Cambwireless panel on need for diversity in building #ethical framework for #AI

@vickysleight @cambwireless Ready at EIP - Gemma Wooden.

Follow #CWWomen from 12.30pm today for @cambwireless panel discussion with EIP's Gemma Wooden on women in tech.

BBC News - IBM gives out-of-office #patent to public https://t.co/vHPq4WlHd0 [with comment from EIP's Chris Price]

EIP's Gemma Wooden will be joining the @cambwireless Twitter panel tomorrow, discussing women in #tech. Follow #CWWomen from 12.30pm.

RT: Great stories from @EIP today. The Bass beer triangular logo was UK's first recorded #trademark

EIP Partner Laurence Brown is presenting at @yorksciencepark today. https://t.co/s93BLSc0XD

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