EIP talk patents at TechGC event

EIP patent attorneys will be speaking at a TechGC private dinner with legal executives from prominent Silicon Valley companies. The panel of EIP speakers will be covering the question, ‘why be a patent holder?’, and explore the topics of building a patent portfolio, IP strategies, and how to use IP to achieve commercial goals.

The speakers, Matt Lawman, Eric Williams, and Paula Flutter, have experience with strategic intellectual property management in Europe and the US and are well positioned to advise on how tech businesses can monetise their IP.

The event, scheduled for 11 April in San Francisco, is part of a series of private dinners for the most senior lawyers of venture capital funds and high growth technology companies, run by TechGC. These events are part of TechGC’s mission to drive innovation, education and mentorship in technology and legal industry, while also creating a strong peer group and community whose members support each other throughout their lives and careers. Their upcoming events can be found here.