Based in the UK and Germany, our Litigation team is an astute, uncompromising IP litigation practice.

EIP's litigators work with our own expert patent prosecutors, providing comprehensive litigation coverage across the most complex and technical areas of IP.

Our firm unites highly-ranked professionals, expert patent search, and multi-jurisdictional litigation management in one cohesive unit.

Experienced people

An assiduous team of specialist IP litigators with technical and international expertise.

Our IP litigators are legal, technical, and litigation management experts with experience before first instance, appellate and supreme courts – including the CJEU, the highest court in the EU.

Dual practice

Patent litigators and
prosecutors, working as one.

Our litigators, technical specialists in their own right, work directly with EIP’s patent attorneys – who bring further in-depth technical focus and analysis to each patent case.

This rare union of patent professions – in one firm, under one roof – gives our Litigation team an invaluable know-how boost for the preparation of patent actions. It allows us to handle disputes of any size across all areas of technology – faster, more comprehensively, and more efficiently than traditional law firms.

Our litigators also work with EIP’s design and trademark attorneys, engaging their specialist insight to enhance our design and brand litigation.

Global litigation

A single point of contact for comprehensive, co-ordinated global IP litigation.

Managing the multiple rules, procedures and language issues associated with multi-jurisdictional litigation – or litigation outside a home territory – can be an onerous, distracting task for any litigant.

With offices in the UK and Germany, and a wealth of experience managing wider litigation for clients, EIP Legal can relieve its clients of that burden.

Supplementing our management role, and tailored to the needs of each jurisdiction in issue, we can also provide our clients' wider legal teams with comprehensive validity and infringement analyses to secure a single cohesive global case.

Düsseldorf and London

Practising from offices in two key jurisdictions for European IP.

The UK and Germany are natural European focal points for IP litigation, due to the relatively short time to trial and the global respect paid to their IP courts.

Differences in their court procedures and timings of patent validity and infringement hearings also naturally align the UK and Germany as parallel jurisdictions for European patent litigation.

Our presence in London and Düsseldorf means we can offer clients seamless and co-ordinated coverage in these key jurisdictions.